Style Notes: the iconic wardrobe of Georgia O’Keeffe

Style Notes: the iconic wardrobe of Georgia O’Keeffe
Our inspiration for the ODP O’Keeffe Hat and one of the boldest female artists in history, Georgia O'Keeffe also stood out for her classic and decisive style. Here are a few of her iconic wardrobe rules which we find inspiring. 
Born in 1887, she began to define her personal style at an early age, rejecting the use of a corset, instead favoring tunics, shirt-dresses, flats, and loose-fitting garments, and was even mocked by others for her way of dressing "like a man". She often covered her body and head in unique shapes and wrapping, turning herself into a canvas
O'Keeffe dressed almost exclusevely in black and white, which she claimed was more a choice of praticality.
She was an expert seamstress and often made her own clothes, with attention to detail such ad pintrucks and mother -of-pearl buttons and an occasionl ruffle. She took great care of her clothing, often mending them herselg, and keeping many of her dresses for over sixty years.
At times she chose androgynous and masculine wear, such as canvas sneakers and denim, always choosing button-front classic Levi's (she disliked zippers). She always selected clothing in the best fabrics that she could afford, in natural materials such as silk, cotton, and wool, and never took a liking to wartime synthetic fabrics. She accessorized with a few but bold pieces, worn throughout her life, such as a silver pin made for her by Alexander Calder, a concho belt, and of course her signature flat-brimmed hat

Our flat-brimmed ODP O’Keeffe Hat celebrates the iconic style heritage the artist left in American Modern Art History.

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