Travel Notes: Tallinn, Estonia with Julia Ahtijainen

Travel Notes: Tallinn, Estonia with Julia Ahtijainen

Born in Tartu and currently living between Milan and Tallinn, Julia  feels like a fairy from a magic forest.

Instantly intrigued, we sat down with Julia Ahtijainen, Brand Manager of IN AÉRAS, a contemporary self-care brand from Sardegna, and co-creator of the summer creative camp START DOING YOU, to hear more about what she loves about her country and the capital city.  


Why do you love most about Estonia?

Estonia is a special place for many reasons. Still, the most important for me is the feeling of being grounded here (the land is flat, so you feel grounded here in all senses), our closeness to nature, our air quality (Estonia's air is one of the cleanest in the world), our dedication to work and being practical (our Information Technology sector gave birth to many start-ups like Skype, Wise, Bolt, and more). 

Estonia shaped me by teaching me to appreciate the simple things in life and to be very direct and rational, even while working closely with international creatives and artistic projects. 


What words would you use describe the area?

Practically fast-growing by its own rules (Estonia overall) and enough time to think and write good thoughts (Tartu, my hometown).

What is your favourite cafe or restaurant?

I like the liveliness of Telliskivi and the up-and-coming North side of Tallinn. My favourite restaurant is Barbarea, with a contemporary touch on classic dishes, always using only seasonal and local zero-km ingredients. 


My go-to coffee spot is RØST in the Rotermanni Quarter - the best flat whites, cardamom and cinnamon buns in town!

What is your favourite shopping spot? 

Tallinn is not a fashion shopping spot, and that's what I love about it!  You come here and enjoy the environment, reset, refocus, find peace, and pay attention to the little things, to life itself.

When shopping here, get a good sauna experience and stack up on healthy stuff - our herbal teas, dry berries, natural soaps, scrubs and creams. But if you need a street-style part-time-sporty look fix, go to Reede shop in Rotermanni or Maximalist, close to our Old Town, for some high-end brands.


A favourite spot for people-watching and style inspiration:

Noblessner seafront. It's very Nordic by design, and one can take a walk from Kalarand to Noblessner, have a drink and bite at Kampai there, enjoy the sunset, conduct the people-watching session, and possibly be part of some music event. 

I will be there this summer with my ODP Saddle Pouch for sure!


To experience first-hand the magic of Estonia, Julia co-hosts START DOING YOU, a creative camp taking place this summer to provide a platform for individuals to explore and promote their wellness and tap into an entrepreneurship mindset without stressing.  Deadline to enrol is May 5th, to learn more visit STARTDOINGYOU or email


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