Travel Notes: Milan with Martina Gamboni

Travel Notes: Milan with Martina Gamboni

With upcoming Milan Design Week, Martina Gamboni shares some of her insider tips for visiting Milan.  Martina is the CEO and Founder of Strategic Footprints, an international public relations and brand consulting firm working with brands such as Very Simple Kitchen, Forma&Cemento, Sunnei and Block Studios.


What three words would you use to describe the city of Milan? 

Milano, Milano, Milano! The name itself has become the synonym of a unique lifestyle and a huge cultural richness. It is one of those cities that constantly plays with creativity and innovation in his own way.

What is your favorite restaurant or café in the city? 

Lately there are many new and appealing openings, but one of my all-time favourites is a restaurant called Rita & Antonio: it offers freshly made olive bread, huge Milanese "elephant ear" cutlets, all surrounded by an ironically "uncool" atmosphere which is special because of his genuineness.


Favorite spot for people-watching and style inspiration?

I don't have a specific location, but when I see groups of teenagers walking down the street I always find myself intrigued by how they style in new (and sometimes radical) ways their clothes, accessories and patterns.

Telari Spadari Milan Architecture

Favorite shopping spots?  

Telerie Spadari for pijamas, Porselli for ballet slippers (I recently took up classical dance lessons again after 25 years), and Design Republic for interior design.

Telari Spadari Milan

An insider's recommendation for those who are visiting Milan?

Don't miss the historical palazzos in the city center: they are surprisingly open for visitors! I tour them each year and never get tired of seeing them.

Milan Officina del Poggio Cesta Bag

Which ODP piece is a must for sight-seeing Milan?

What I personally love about ODP is that every product is versatile and can be used both in the city center and in the countryside. But if I had to choose I would probably go for the Bottle Bag or also the Cesta Bag, perfect for going around the city.


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