Style Notes with Austin-based Stylist Huide Devore

Style Notes with Austin-based Stylist Huide Devore

Austin-based Stylist Huide Devore (pronounced "Hi-Dee") spent the majority of her career working in a creative capacity in menswear for brands, then transitioned her career to styling and creative direction for womenswear, product, special events and interiors.  

What three words would you use to describe your style?

Fun, expressive and color loving!

What is the most treasured item in your wardrobe and why?

I have so many things in my closet that I really love but the first thing that comes to mind are my Carolina Bucci Forté beads. I love these because they are fun, nostalgic and so easy to do so many things with. I’ve collected these for about for about 5 years (though I recently lost my entire strand of beads while traveling and have had to restart my collection). I love them because you can mix them up, swap them around and wear them as a necklace, bracelet or anklet. They are gemstones but look just like the plastic beads you might’ve made jewelry out of as a child. I love accessories that are whimsical and fun and don’t take themselves too seriously. When I was little, my mom went away on a vacation to Acapulco and I was desperate for her to come home. When she arrived home she brought me back a yellow t-shirt with (what I thought then to be a somewhat racy print for a child) on the front that said “SUN YOUR BUNS IN ACAPULCO” with a printed set of legs and buns. I’ve collected these vintage t- shirts for a while now and wear them often (you’ll also see them showing up in some of my shoots) I have one from La Jolla, Tucson and Cozumel. I was also able to track down the exact yellow t-shirt she brought me home from Acapulco all those years ago.

Austin Stylist Huide Devore in her Studio
Huide Devore in her Austin Studio


Favorite source of style inspiration?

I consider myself a student of wonder-so I am ALWAYS keeping my eyes open for inspiration. I feel very inspired by all things in nature-a sunrise or sunset, clouds, animals and insects,  a color palette of unintentionally grouped together items out in the wild and I am also inspired by menswear. The bulk of my professional career was formerly in menswear and I was surrounded by amazingly-dressed men on a daily basis. I love to consider the proportion of things layered together and I really love to wear things that feel really feminine and mix them with things that might be perceived as masculine. 

Which values or emotions are important criteria for you when shopping?

For me, it’s all about how something makes me FEEL. If it’s flattering and fun, I’m in. I also really value things that can be worn many ways. My current favorite things is a beautifully made Sacai vest that can be worn in 1 million ways. I love wearing a top, dress or sweater backwards (just snip out the tag)  and I also really appreciate things that can be layered in unexpected ways. Mostly when I’m shopping I try to imagine all the ways I might wear something before I commit. 

ODP Phone Pouch worn by Austin Stylist Huide Devore

Huide with the ODP Phone Pouch

Favorite ODP piece and how do you like to style it?

My favorite piece of ODP that I am wearing out a lot these days is the Medium Saddle Pouch. I love that the concept of the bag is so classic but ODP’s version feels very modern. I’ll wear this cross body quite high up on my body or I’ll knot the strap and use it s a shoulder bag. For me, being hands-free is kinda a must. I also love the Phone Pouch, which I can attach it to jeans or to a large market tote to keep cards and my phone accessible. 

What is a detail that you never leave the house without? 

A fun accessory or something that makes me smile. I love wearing a bracelet that my daughter has made out of colorful rubber bands or plastic beads with letters and another fave is my lipstick red HotLips ring by Solange Azagary Partridge gifted to me by her father. BUT ALSO, my glasses (but sometimes I forget them).

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