Color Story: a touch of SPRITZ!

Color Story: a touch of SPRITZ!

Born in Venice at the end of the Eighteenth century under Austrian rule, the name Spritz comes from the German word "spritzen" meaning "to spray".

This iconic cocktail in fact came from the idea of diluting strong venetian wines by adding a "spritz" of water to them.

Through the years, several versions of the cocktail were popularized such as those with Campari, Aperol or Cynar adding a little bit of taste - and color! - to the mix. One thing is for sure, the original recipe is still nowadays a mystery.

ODP Offinica Del Poggio Spritz Mini Cesta 

This bright warm hue has become part of our spring collection with the Mini Cesta: a key accessory, crafted from our signature vegetable-tanned leather, to match any Aperitivo look.

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