Giving Back to DIRT


After launching our ODP by Arizona Muse capsule collection in 2019, we were inspired to change our sourcing and development methods for a more sustainable and responsible production. We focus on unique capsule collections and special editions, collaborating with local artisans for limited production runs and made-to-order items, with a seasonless and direct-to-consumer distribution allowing us to offer the highest quality products and reduce unnecessary waste. We are also proud to announce that with each online purchase, we will be donating 3% to DIRT CHARITY, founded by Arizona Muse

DIRT's story started with Arizona Muse, the founder, a model for over twelve years who became an extremely passionate environmental activist after unraveling the truth about what happens to the planet and people who make the clothes she was indirectly helping to sell. 
As a charity they created three funds:
  • Education Fund: Provides scholarships to biodynamic colleges globally, supports the implementation into curriculums of farming fashion’s raw materials biodynamically, and funds the creation of educational and awareness-raising media content.
  • Biodynamic Associations Fund: Supports Biodynamic Associations as they implement fashion crops into their mandate. There are 100 associations around the world who work tirelessly to promote biodynamics, and to attract, educate and support farmers to this healing modality of agriculture.
  • Farm Projects: Supports a number of proposed local projects around the world, led by extraordinary people who are experienced in biodynamics, and who will create impactful and inspiring change; not just to the soil and fashion supply chain, but to their local communities, wildlife and surrounding ecosystem. These will act as pilot projects to showcase their success, to implement more projects in other locations in the future.
The charity has also created Earth Shop: a catalogue of conscious brands that dedicate part of their sales to support DIRT projects. 
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