Tips for Plastic-Free July!

Tips for Plastic-Free July!

We have asked some of our eco-conscious friends to share their tips on how to reduce single-use plastic:

Lorenzo Bises, Art and Travel Consultant


"Every day I try to do my best to avoid plastic where it is possible. I have been drinking only tap water for 7 years and I also use the water houses around Milan and the many fountains (here called "vedovelle" meaning "small widows", for their incessant "crying"). I always carry a tote bag with me so as to avoid bags in shops and supermarkets. For detergents and soaps I tend to go to bulk products shops with my empty bottles: a smart way not to accumulate additional plastic in our houses".

Arizona Muse, model, activist and founder of "Dirt" an agency for the promotion of a Chemical-Free Agriculture


"I try to invest in materials: l think life is more luxurious when wood, metal and textile replace plastic and polyester".

Allison Hoeltzel, Founder of Officina del Poggio 


"“I used to purchase the little travel-size toiletries for trips, yet I realized how much waste they were creating throwing them away each time. Now I purchase the refillable containers from Muji and refill with my own toiletries from home." It feels so much nicer to have my own products, and it also looks much chic-er in my cosmetics case and the bathroom counter."

Catie Miller, Founder of Barre Series 


"Honestly. The water bottle bag has saved my life! I use it to fill up constantly throughout the day reducing my plastic bottle intake. Even my son Fallon compliments me when I'm wearing it, saying Mummy you always look fancy with your bag!"

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