Decoding Italian Sprezzatura: Tips for Effortless Italian Style

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Italians have a gift for looking effortlessly chic, taking timeless pieces and making them their own with a classic but peculiar flair. With style ranging from tailored menswear-inspired pieces to worn-in leather jackets to imperfectly-yet-perfectly-knotted scarves and sophisticated fringed shawls, there is always an emphasis on craftsmanship and attention to detail. Dressing like an Italian is more than just donning fashionable items; it's about creating a look that is polished yet subtly disheveled in a perfect way: what Italians call “Sprezzatura”, or a certain nonchalance.

Italian fashion has been the epitome and aspiration of the world for centuries. It continues to guide today's trends, from streetwear and high-end couture. If you are seeking to capture this unique aesthetic, here is some inspiration and our personal insight for this much sought-after look:

Invest in High-Quality, Timeless Pieces

When it comes to dressing like an Italian, buying high-quality and well-crafted items is essential.  Investing in well-made leather beltsclassic shoes, and other accessories that don't try too hard but give off a subtle aura of refinement will provide the perfect finishing touches. Classic items that look like they have been wardrobe staples for years - or even better if they seem passed-down from a previous generation - add personality and sophistication to a look.

Similarly, investing in quality outerwear is vital to avoid the risk of experiencing "colpo di freddo," (which translates literally to “draft of cold air”, but for Italians refers to an array of ailments which are caused by the cold).  The perfect scarf or wrap can add warmth and style; not only will it give you a touch of sophistication, but it will also keep the chill away. It will also keep you from being scolded by elderly Italian women if you are caught on the street without the proper protective layers.

When shopping for these wardrobe staples, look for items made from natural materials and fibers such as wool, which is a more sustainable material than cashmere and more durable - and warmer - than synthetic materials.

A Refined Color Palette 

The Italian wardrobe is an exercise in sophistication and refinement. While neutral colors like ivory, gray, and camel — even the classic all-black look — are staples, you should vary things occasionally with something bold: it is about knowing how to use color strategically and making a statement when it counts.

Sometimes that means incorporating a statement piece that speaks for itself, like ODP La Rosa Wool Cape in bright pink. Other times it calls for an entire dress or ensemble that demands attention. Deciding when and how to use color is about capturing the atmosphere and expressing your mood through style. 

fashionable italian woman holding officina del poggio bag

The ODP Amalfi Sunglasses and Saddle Pouch, Photo by Amina Marazzi Gandolfi


Always remember that Italian fashion strives for balance between chaos and control. An artfully composed outfit can bring out the best of both worlds, playing with different shades and textures in order to create a sense of harmony. Tone on tone is used to achieve this effortlessly elegant effect. A neutrally colored dress for a day on the coast can be striking when styled thoughtfully with an Italian straw hat or a bold metallic sandal

Be Inspired, But Make it Effortless

Italians love to achieve a unique look that radiates individual style and personality, but at the core, the key is nonchalance: the idea that one isn't trying too hard. Hairstyles and make-up should be kept natural, but inserting a few bold strokes like a red lip can help add drama to an otherwise understated look.

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The ODP Classic Sabot, Photo by Amina Marazzi Gandolfi


Essentially, classic Italian fashion embraces elegance and ease — every element of your appearance should stand out in its own right without looking overdone or ostentatious, and you should always feel confident and comfortable. Shoes are essential here as they bring sophistication to any ensemble, but should also be practical for navigating cobblestones streets with confidence and also taking a stroll (known as "due passi") after dinner. Crafted in quality leathers with meticulous attention to detail, they form the focal point of any Italian-inspired outfit.  

And Always Remember Your Sunglasses

Lastly, never forget the all-important sunglasses in any Italian wardrobe. Not only are they a staple accessory to protect your eyes under the sun, but a unique pair of Italian sunglasses with shaded lenses will always add a certain air of coolness and sophistication, even for aperitivo in the piazza during summer evenings. And don't shy away from wearing them indoors, which is always a tell-tale sign of who is the true italian in the room.

Officina del Poggio ODP Amalfi Italian Sunglasses

The ODP Amalfi Sunglasses, Photo by Amina Marazzi Gandolfi

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